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Human Design

Human Design is based on the one hand on the latest discoveries of genetics and quantum physics, and on the other hand on the ancient teachings of astrology, of the I Ching, of the Indian chakra system and of the Tree of Life of the Kabala. 

A global and intuitive vision of Human Design

Pierre Wittmann is studying and practicing Human Design since 2004. His vision is inspired by Ra Uru Hu’s revelation, by Zeno’s researches and by Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys. The essence of these teachings gave birth to a global approach, more intuitive than dogmatic, where the wisdom of the I Ching is always present.

Pierre Wittmann lives in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. 

Essential Points

Our ways of functioning and our goals in life

Human Design helps us to understand our specific and unique ways of functioning in human society, to discover what are the goals of our lives, to find our place in the world and to live harmoniously by accepting fully who we are.

Our skills and our hidden gifts

Human Design shows us the conscious and unconscious aspects of our personality, reveals the activities and the way of life that suit our temperament and allows us to use our gifts to do what we love in well-being and prosperity.

Creating harmonious relationships

Human Design unveils very clearly the problems we encounter in our close relationships - spouses, children, parents, friends, co-workers. Through understanding how we are conditioned and how we condition others, we learn to deal with our relationships in a harmonious way.

Transforming our destiny and evolving

The genetic code received at birth does not impose an immutable destiny, but allows us to evolve, to move from darkness to light and awaken to pure consciousness. We learn to use the potentials of our DNA to transform the morbid tendencies based on fear and selfishness into a caring attitude based on sharing and love.

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The Sessions

Human Design

Human Design reveals to us the various facets of our individual ways of functioning, allows us to discover and use our true talents, to take the appropriate decisions to deal with our life, to understand the subtle patterns of our relationships, and to live harmoniously by accepting fully who we are...

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