Human Design

What is Human Design? 

Human Design is based on the one hand on the latest discoveries of genetics and quantum physics, and on the other hand on the ancient teachings of astrology, of the I Ching of the Indian chakra system and of the Tree of Life of the Kabala. [Read the whole article]

The Essential Points of Human Design

  • Our ways of functioning and our goals in life: Human Design helps us to understand our specific and unique ways of functioning in human society [more...]
  • Our skills and our hidden gifts: Human Design shows us all aspects of our personality and reveals the activities and the way of life that suit our temperament [more...]
  • Creating harmonious relationships: Human Design unveils very clearly the problems we encounter in our close relationships - spouses, children, parents, friends... [more...]
  • Transforming our destiny and evolving: The genetic code received at birth does not impose an immutable destiny [more...]

Human Design Sessions with Pierre Wittmann

Distance Sessions or Personal Readings, in English or French

A global and intuitive vision of Human Design

This vision of Human Design is inspired by Ra Uru Hu’s revelation and by Zeno’s and Richard Rudd’s researches. The essence of these teachings gave birth to a global approach, more intuitive than dogmatic, where the wisdom of the I Ching is always present.

Pierre Wittmann shares his time between Asia and Europe, he stays regularly in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand, and in Provence, in the South of France.

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